The Perfect Snack for Energy, Vitality, and Weight Loss

Introducing…. The protein ball.

Healthy snacking helps you maintain healthy blood sugar levels throughout the day so you avoid the crash and burn.

Want a snack that’s not only healthy, but tasty and full of nutrition? One that will maybe even help you to whittle your waistline? Me too!

These bite-size snacks are the perfect way to enjoy something yummy while also packing a whopping nutritional punch. If some of the ingredients are new to you, don’t be intimidated. These are a great place to start experimenting with something new!

Protein Balls
You can use any kind of protein powder for these balls, but I highly recommend giving hemp protein powder a try. Manitoba Harvest and Nutiva are two great brands of unrefined, pure hemp protein.

This protein ball has a lot of healthy ingredients. In one serving, you’re getting:
• Antioxidants from raw cacao
• Omega-3s from hemp seeds
• Magnesium for muscle relaxation from sunbutter
• Anti-parasitic and anti-viral properties of shredded coconut
• Metabolic boost from coconut oil

Try whipping up this tasty treat sensation to satisfy your taste buds AND provide a whopping nutritive punch! Let me know if you give it a whirl. Maybe add your special little somethin’ to this recipe and share with us!?!  🙂

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