Be You, Bravely!

Are you struggling to be YOU, bravely? You aren’t alone. Labels are pinned on us from birth. Think of your birth certificate; sex, ethnicity, blood type, weight, height, religious affiliation and name are just a start. As we grow and blossom society starts pinning more labels on us; personality, learning style, medical conditions, economic status and the list goes on. By the time you are tossed to the wolves of adulthood you are carrying a heavy load of labels. And all those pins have poked holes in your armor of self confidence. It is not easy to be you, bravely. But it is possible!

Focus on the Positive

Labels are part of our culture. We use them as a way of understanding the world and the people in it. There is no reason to live life feeling burdened by a label. Learning to release yourself from the negative connotation of a label is powerful. Find the positive side of a label. For instance, you may be considered to be overly emotional and the fact you are perceived this way could make you feel out of control. But notice, too, the gifts of being able to feel and express your emotions, even if the world doesn’t always encourage that. Now, you may begin to see yourself as brave and open hearted. See? Not so hard! If you shine a positive light on your labels you may see your true nature and find guidance.

Trust Your True SELF

To be you, bravely, you must listen to your soft spoken inner voice. Become aware of your true Self by tuning into your intuition. I can tell you it is magical! Once I befriended that quiet voice inside I was able to shake off the labels that didn’t suit my true self and experienced a paradigm shift in my life.

Bravely Feel

Do you give yourself permission to feel without judging the emotion? Sometimes we get tangled in our emotions. We label them ‘good’ or ‘bad’. But the reality is all our emotions are telling us useful information, and all our emotions are acceptable because they’re how we feel.

I found great release once I started visualizing myself riding the wave of emotion instead of trying to suppress or control. Amazing difference. I now glide through the moment instead of becoming tangled in the seaweed of self doubt and incrimination. You know what else happened? That once barely recognizable voice inside started to speak with clarity and volume!

Granted, it takes practice as this is uncharted territory for most of us and change, as a rule, makes us uncomfortable. We all flow toward familiarity and if what is familiar isn’t serving us then change is necessary and so is uncomfortableness. But think of it this way – a little uncomfortable now is worth the pay off in the end. Fabulous stuff, truly.

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