Tuning Into Your Intuition

Intuition is defined as 1. knowledge or belief obtained neither by reason nor by perception: 2. instinctive knowledge or belief: 3. a hunch or gut feeling. How many times have you had a gut feeling about something and pushed it aside for what you thought was rational choice? I’m willing to wager we all have! I know I sure have. And I bear life’s battle scars to prove it! Lessons learned, right? Absolutely!

My journey at this moment in my life had nothing to do with my rational mind. I’ve been a caretaker all my life … from stray animals to stray people and family. After my mother passed away from years of lingering illness my intuition didn’t nudge or gently speak to me. It screamed, “It’s Joni time!” To which my reply was instinctively, “I’m ready!” I’m following my passion and am in love with my intuition. She’s my new BFF!!!

Connect with YOUR Intuition

So, how do you connect with your intuition? Is it hard for you to trust your inner voice? Trust is a big obstacle in allowing your inner voice some volume. Let’s face it, it is hard to trust your inner voice if you don’t trust yourself. This is easily overcome. For real! It starts by keeping your word to yourself. If you tell yourself something, follow through. Be aware of the promises you make to yourself. Once you begin to honor Self, Self honors you.

Now that our self-trust is healthy how do we translate what our intuition is telling us? Here are a couple of tips that work for me.

  • Is it Fear or Intuition? – Fear is the breeding ground for excuses. Yep, trust me. All those excuses and justifications that pop in your head are a smoke screen designed by fear to confuse you. True intuition is visceral. Think gut reaction. You pull back and can’t really explain. Intuition is clear. Period.
  • Is it Excitement or Intuition? – I’ve learned this one the hard way. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten caught up in the excitement of something and pushed it forward only to be overwhelmed and in the end disappointed. The push is from the ego and mental excitement. Intuition pulls you forward. Not to mean there aren’t bumps in the path along the way, but the energy is completely different. If you aren’t sure which it is – excitement or intuition – focus on where the energy is coming from and that will guide you!
Intuition & Health

Let’s talk intuition in terms of our health! Do you listen to what your body is telling you? Have you honed your sixth sense when it comes to your health? Get tuned in to your body and feel – not think – that you KNOW what is good for you. This knowing will lead you down a path of truly sustainable health.

Nutritional advice is a tricky thing. Have you ever noticed how contradictory it is? You read a compelling study that assures you fat is bad and then, seemingly all of the sudden, the rules you’ve dedicated your eating habits to are blown out of the water. Learning to trust your intuition is a valuable tool in building a sustainable life.

Tuning into your intuition is powerful. Think of it as something you desire to nurture and honor. After all, it is the core of YOU! Please share any tips you have for tuning into the power of intuition. What works for you?

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