3 Self Care Myths Busted

Myths – Busted!

Top 3 Reasons Myths People Neglect Self Care

Most of us realize we should take care of ourselves better and there exists a direct correlation between our health and stress levels. But… yep, big word here …we seem to neglect self care. That’s unfortunate since self care is so simple and in our complete control. Let me help you bust the top three reasons myths surrounding self care.

Top 3 Myths Busted

  1. You feel guilty taking time for you. – Wow. This one is huge for people, especially women. But here’s the deal, Ladies – you can in no way, shape or form serve from an empty well. If you don’t fill the well there is nothing to give, which of course leads to more stress and guilt. No one needs more stress or guilt. Let this go.

  2. You don’t have time. – This is an overused line, isn’t it? I tell people ‘there’s no such thing as Time, it is a figment of your imagination.’ While not necessarily true in the literal sense, it does hold truth. We are the Master of our time not the other way around. Period. It’s not any more complicated than that really. Let this go.

  3. You don’t know how. – Ok, now this one should be a huge red flag if you tell yourself this. Why? Because it is a strong indicator that you aren’t in touch with You. You’ve lost sight of your deepest wants, needs and desires. It’s time to get reacquainted with You. Start digging deep to uncover You again and then let this go.

I’m sure we all have other excuses we could add to this list, but the point here is that they are just excuses, or reasons, not to honor you for the fabulous specimen you are.

Not sure where to start? You can start today by taking ten uninterrupted minutes to listen to music you like and just enjoy. If you want to get real crazy do it with your eyes closed and daydream a little!

Much love & light to you!

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