10 Healthy Halloween Survival Tips

These Halloween survival tips aren’t about how to avoid zombies! With all the sugary treats ahead it’s no wonder why the average weight gain between Halloween – the Superbowl is 10-15 pounds per person. That’s about one pound per week! Start your holiday season off right with these 10 tips for a healthier Halloween.

1. Enjoy the day! Have fun carving pumpkins, getting dressed in costumes and talking with neighbors/family/friends.

2. Eat a large meal before going trick-or-treating to avoid overindulgent snacking while out and about.

3. Set limits regarding on candy consumption (ie. Let kids eat throughout trick-or-treating and a few when they get home, but then explain they get X number of pieces per day).

4. Create healthy rules around eating candy (ie. Allow child to eat one piece of candy as long as it’s alongside something healthy such as veggies or water).

5. Make sure caregivers understand and abide by your candy rules.

6. Toss out the most brightly colored candy!

7. Treat yourself to some quality, organic candy so you can participate with your kids minus the guilt.

8. Make a trade: Have your kids swap candy for a non-food item they’d really enjoy such as a toy, game, movie night, etc…(some dentist offices even take your candy for something special like a new toothbrush or toy!)

9. Be a good role model for your child by demonstrating that candy is not the only choice and limits are possible.

10. Stay away from grocery stores on November 1st. No need to buy more candy just because it’s on sale!

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