Are You a Supplements Junkie?

What are supplements good for? Replacement for real nutrition it would seem. In our fast paced world supplements are a replacement for whole food nutrition. If we don’t take time to eat from the rainbow we seem to have the mindset that we can make up for it by popping another pill or shooting another shot of liquid goodness. We create a false sense of health. Am I truly taking care of my family because I make them down a myriad of nutritional supplements before they walk out the door each morning or am I lulling myself into complacency because I tell myself I’ve given them what they need for the day in the form of supplements? In all honesty, probably a bit of both.

Supplements have a place. For example, if you eat a totally plant-based diet then it may be likely you need to supplement with B12. B12 is found in animal products such as meat, eggs, fish and milk. This implies that people who eat a vegan diet or a vegetarian diet without eggs or milk are particularly susceptible to a B12 deficiency. B12 is primarily responsible for health red blood cell formation and plays an important role in the health of nerve tissue and brain function. What does the deficiency look like? Fatigue and a much weakened immune system, meaning you are susceptible to colds, flu and other symptoms.

Are your supplements masking symptoms?

Let’s be aware and get to the root cause of an issue. This requires honest open dialogue with yourself and some experimenting. Keeping with the B12 example; do you feel the fatigue because you’re lacking B12 or are you fatigued from consuming copious amounts of sugar? Is it physical, emotional? If, for instance, you have a leaky gut how can your body absorb and use the nutrients properly? This is overwhelming to most people and the result is an increase in the supplement industry. According to Research and Markets, the dietary supplement industry is on course to be the world’s fastest growing market during 2012 to 2017. The market shares of North America’s nutraceutical market are expected to rise to 39.2 percent; and that of the Asia-Pacific market to 30.4 percent. That’s some expensive urine, Peeps!

Supplement Solution

What’s the solution? Good question. It’s not simply put by any stretch of the imagination. But here is my input; the solution is bio-individuality. We are all unique in our needs. Tuning into your intuition and listening to what your body wants is a crucial first step. I believe supplements have a place. However, what works for me won’t necessarily work for you so it would be careless of me to recommend you to take what I take. I can recommend you to get in touch with YOU and eat a whole food, nutrient dense diet. Eating a whole food diet, full of variety, provides you with amazingly balanced nutrition. I’m talking about the kind of fuel your body recognizes and uses systemically, giving you loads of energy and vitality! Before you open your wallet for the next $50 miracle in a bottle, pay attention to that inner voice and listen to your body. It won’t steer you wrong because It has a vested interest in your overall health!

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