inner peace

Inner Peace

Today is the kind of day that it is hard to judge time by the sun. Today is the kind of day that makes me compassionate to my friends in the North. Today is the kind of day for introspection. We have been so busy preparing our dirt and hydro gardens for spring that a rainy grey day is a welcome repose. Baking bread was on the agenda today and as it rises, I am thinking about seeds. Not the ga-jillion seeds I yet need to start, but the seeds we nurture inside ourselves.

Find Your Inner Peace

When things are not running along smoothly it is easy to seek escape. Instead of looking externally for comfort with our “grass is always greener” mentality, it is amazing what a look internally can accomplish. A deep breath, along with a realization that we are able to shake off our own anxiety, does amazing things for our spirit. It is not always easy, but with practice, bringing your awareness inward and consciously calming your mind relaxes your mind and body, bringing treasure. This treasure is inner peace. Finding your seed of peace inside, and nurturing it, gives you a source to draw from when the daily grind gets a little unsettling.

Before I started a yoga practice I heard the term “be in the moment” and I thought it was a bunch of new age gobbly gook. Not so. Words can’t do the phrase justice. Perhaps that is why it sounds ‘out there’ to so many people. I assure you, once you take the time to quiet your mind and just ‘be’ it is amazing. Once you find your seed of inner peace you are able to return whenever needed. It gives you a clearer head when dealing with tough issues and provides an inner calm that can’t be found anywhere else.

Living a sustainable life includes making sure you are strong and resilient. Take the time to tend the garden of your mind and reap what you sow! If you are like me meditation is not easy. I found using guided meditation helped me train my brain to slow down enough for me to quiet my mind. Check out these guided Guided Meditations titles for one to help you get started!



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