Tips For Your Organic Garden

 How does my organic garden grow?

As naturally as possible!

A huge part of our commitment to living a sustainable life was changing to an organic philosophy in the garden. And when I say huge I mean really really big change. Conventional gardening practices had left us ignorant of working with nature and dependent on outside sources for fertilizers and pest control. But let it never be said that the hubby and I shy away from a challenge. The more we learned the more we want to learn. The experience is addictive. There, I warned you!

This year we are really in the groove and producing lots of organic produce. Over the last several – painful – years of experience we’ve learned a couple things:

  1. Always grow extra for the bugs. Seriously. It’s good to share, right? It doesn’t do any good getting yourself worked into a frenzy over a couple wayward caterpillars and their insatiable hunger for your prized tomatoes. Just grow an extra plant or two!
  2. Focus on your dirt. This is a game changer. Once we started putting our energy and resources into building a diverse and healthy microcosm everything became simpler.  Love your dirt and your dirt will love you.
  3. Healthy plants mean less bugs. You know how we put off scents? So do plants and the bugs are tuned in – just like we are tuned into pheromones and their siren song so are unwanted pests to your unhealthy plants. Healthy plants start with – you guessed it – healthy soil!
  4. Grow your own pest control. We invite helpful predators into our gardens by understanding what they like. I like to think we are Motel 6 for the good bugs – we always leave the light on.

To create your own Motel 6 for the beneficial bugs in your area, check out this fabulous infographic. It’s full of practical tips to ensure success! Make this the year you say NO to pesticides.

Happy gardening!


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Gardens Gone Wild

Gardens Gone Wild
Infographic by CustomMade


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