Looking to feel better and be the most VIBRANT you?

A year from now you’ll wish you started today.

☑ Are you ready to HEAL your metabolism so you can lose weight naturally by working with (not against) your body?
☑ Are you ready to take ACTION now so you can see RESULTS?
☑ Do you want to be done with dieting and depriving your body, so you can escape your food prison and get back to enjoying food again?
☑ Are you tired of feeling OVERWHELMED searching for the answers to your health puzzle, but always feel like you can’t find the missing piece?
☑ Do you want results BETTER and FASTER than you can get on your own?

Great! You are in the right place. My practice offers a variety of programs to fit your needs and ‘meet YOU where you are’. I have private clients and I run group programs.

All programs are supported and guided by me (unless it says Home Study) and are designed to be step-by-step, easily integrated into your current lifestyle, and take the guess work out of how to live a sustainably healthy life.

What’s the Difference?

Private Clients

Sometimes you desire the extra motivation and supportive accountability of one on one work. All programs are completely customizable to your needs.  No two programs are the same as everyone is unique and reacts differently to food. My Signature Program is 6 months long and my private clients work with me one on one. We work on your goals and really get to the core of what’s keeping you stuck in the yuck! Clients are always amazed at the progress we make in all areas of their lives.


Signature One-on-One Program

Group Clients

An intimate group program provides a hybrid delivery method including one-on-one consultations along with group education and support. In group work we are a Tribe. I guide the group to meet the goals of the program. The support of the Tribe is an added bonus! Group programs are shorter in length with a focused goal like; detox/cleanse, food allergies or surviving the holidays without packing on the pounds.


New Year Reboot starting in January 2016

To apply, make sure you are getting the Sustainable Life & Health newsletter, so you’ll be notified next time enrollment is open.


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