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Don’t Hire a Health Coach – Unless …

Don’t Hire a Health Coach - 


  • You want to save on medical bills - Heart stents are $23,000-200,000, a health coach is $75-$300 per visit.  How do you put a price on the time you can spend with your family or feeling vibrantly healthy and make contributions to society?  Not to mention the difference you make … Continue Reading ››

Humidifier, Vaporizer or Diffuser. . .

Humidifier, Vaporizer or Diffuser...What's The Difference?
Ready to diffuse your essential oils but not sure where to start?  You've probably heard of humidifier and vaporizer, but the word diffuser may be new to you.  There is a difference between the three, so think about them as tools used for different conditions.  Here's a simple explanation of … Continue Reading ››