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Ideas to keep that body moving!

5 Surprising Beauty Foods

Beauty foods?!? Yep, BEAUTY foods. Get you glow on without all the toxic muck from the 'beauty' industry. Heck, you can grow your own beauty foods in the backyard, balcony or kitchen window sill! All fresh fruits and vegetables contain magical powers when it comes to shiny hair, clear skin, and strong nails. However, the ones … Continue Reading ››

Don’t Hire a Health Coach – Unless …

Don’t Hire a Health Coach - 


  • You want to save on medical bills - Heart stents are $23,000-200,000, a health coach is $75-$300 per visit.  How do you put a price on the time you can spend with your family or feeling vibrantly healthy and make contributions to society?  Not to mention the difference you make … Continue Reading ››